Avalanche Essentials by Bruce Temper is a shortened version of the well known book "Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain" 

Please make sure to purchase this book NOW, click here for link to amazon!

Why a book club!? 
To become proficient in the backcountry, be a valuable team member and to travel smart, it is essential to have the knowledge.  Joining the women who splitboard book club will help you grow your knowledge, meet other ladies in your area that also want to learn, connect with other ladies to tour with, and advance your skills with practice/repetition. Even if you have read this book or others, having a pre-season refresher will get you back into backcountry travel mindset to make this the best winter yet!

Shortly after submitting your information, you will receive an email of your group members. We will do out best to match you with other ladies in your zone/area you recreate in. You may or may not end up being in person or virtual (you will need to discuss with your group members)

You will be responsible for forming your groups first meeting after you receive your email. SO CHECK YOUR EMAIL!!!
(Zoom, or google meet is a great option). You will be given suggestions on the amount of meetings etc. 

Your email/name/phone number will be shared within your group for contact purposes. 

You may all have different experience levels in your group, be respectful of each other, and use this as an opportunity to share what you know (KNOWLEDGE SHARE!) with others to help them build confidence/skills!

Your bookclub sign-up will subscribe you to our newsletter, but don't worry. Spam sucks, we agree, and we will only send you updates on events that are relevant, none of that monthly-schmonthly stuff!

There will be two waves of groups this season
Early season sign up date cut off is Oct 30th!
Mid Season sign up date cut off date is Jan 1st! 

*This is not equivalent or a substitute to a professional course/training, it is recommended that you seek out professional instruction to become proficient in the backcountry. Reading this is only one aid to professional training. The backcountry/winter weather in the mountains is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS environment, and mistakes can have serious consequences. Be smart, start small and don't travel beyond your experience level. It's not worth it. This is meant to supplement and help build your confidence in your backcountry skillset.


- when signing up, you will be given the option to "click here to update your profile" under the email sign up and after subscribing
- check your email/spam folder for link to update preferences - update info for book club :)
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